the art of seeing

“love of beauty is taste. the creation of beauty is art.”  – ralph waldo emerson

With over ten years of combined wedding industry experience Jessica Sloane and Jessica Lorren have become known for creating and portraying beauty with an organic, simplistic approach.  SEE Sessions, is a comprehensive two-day workshop where you will learn how to enhance your vision and aesthetic with expert tips from Jessica Sloane and Jessica Lorren, featuring a calligraphy class taught by Rachel Meadows of Honey Honey.

July 27 – 28 in West Palm Beach, Florida

During Day One, Jessica and Jessica will be sharing their experience and perspective on: finding your voice as an artist, discovering inspiration, building & creating opportunities, visual storytelling and composition. The second part of the day will be led by calligrapher, Rachel as you learn basic calligraphy techniques. We will finish up the day with an group dinner at one of downtown West Palm’s most delicious eateries.

Day two will include hands-on styling practice, where you’ll have the opportunity to implement new techniques and receive practical tips and feedback from the instructors. Jessica Lorren will also be photographing the attendees and their work for their portfolios. We will hear tips on how to enhance social media and web exposure from Drea of the well-known and loved, ohdeardrea blog. Then we’ll conclude with a Q&A at the end of SEE sessions to ensure that each attendee walks away with a renewed sense of inspiration and direction.

Jessica Sloane
Jessica Sloane
Jessica is known for her artistic approach to planning and design. As a creative director, she tells a story with each frame in exquisite detail. Each event is a true representation of her clients. She’s inspired by their stories, environment and personal style. Utilizing organic elements that are authentic and true has brought her continued success. Her work continues to be published and she was recently recognized as a top event planner by Martha Stewart Magazine.

Jessica Lorren
Jessica Lorren
Jess is known for using her lens to capture authentic instances and emotions during life’s most beautiful moments. Since 2008, her eye for the organic has been pivotal in building her business, as has her at-ease approach with her clientele. She draws inspiration from natural elements and sensations– water, light, motion, genuine romance and intimate emotions – to create dreamy photographs that reflect the essence of her clients’ experiences.

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special guest: honey honey calligraphy




July 27 – 28, 2015

SEE Sessions
  • styling session & practice
  • photography composition session
  • breakfast, lunch and snacks included
One-on-One Session (add-on only)
  • 20 minute one-on-one
  • portfolio review, business discussion, or styling feedback