Lindsey Zamora, stylist
“Attending SEE sessions gave me the confidence to make changes to my current business plan which will take my brand to the next level. The workshop was really everything I had hoped it would be and more. I am walking away with wonderful connections, not only with Jessica Sloane and Jessica Lorren but also with the other attendees.”

Sandrine Francis, planner/stylist
“I had such an amazing, instructive, intimate, life changing experience at the See Sessions! Meeting you both, knowing what I knew about you and your success and how much I admired you, I must admit I was extremely intimated, but from the very first smile, you both made me feel welcomed and at ease! You freely shared your hard earned knowledge and expertise. You truly inspired me to thrive and become my best version.”

Annie Adams, photographer
“I learned so much and I am excited to mold my art into a successful business.”

Erin McGinn, photographer
“See was different because it wasn’t just photographers, it was stylists and other professionals, more of a gathering of creatives out for the same goal, creating beauty.”

Melanie Jacobs, photographer; past client
Jessica Lorren was the very first thing we booked for our wedding, after the date and venue. I also knew that I needed a planner and wanted someone who really worked seamlessly with Jess. In looking through weddings that Jess had photographed, I noticed the ones she did with Jessica Sloane were simply beautiful, and in-line with the aesthetics we wanted for our wedding. Jessica worked behind the scenes all day and when I saw our reception space, I was completely blown away by how she was able to bring my dreams to life! And i really can’t say enough about Jessica Lorren. She is one of the most incredible photographers I know. Every image tells a story, and every wedding is a dream. Both of these amazing women are immensely talented on their own, but together they’re magical!

Kimberly Yungfleisch, past client
Jessica and Jessica are two rad stylish chics!!! They are kind, fun, productive and efficient… and you pick up on this the second you meet them. Then you come to find out that J + J are creating something really special. Their individual and collaborative work is dreamy and gorgeous, but grounded in what is real and organic. Isn’t THAT the essence of a wedding? A day that is spectacularly beautiful, but at the same time represents your REAL UNIQUE LOVE. These two feel the emotions, they listen to your vision and then they CREATE a world that is more gloriously amazing than you can imagine. Basically, they nail it. Every time! I love these gals big time and loved working with them on every level!

Kathryn Rohrman, past client
When Justin and I got engaged in February 2012 I knew that I had to hire a wedding planner of some sort to help me organize my ideas and create the vision we both wanted for our wedding day. The problem was I did not even know where to begin. I stumbled across Jessica Sloane’s website and was immediately drawn to her branding and style. Throughout the design process she was so easy to work with and always available. What I loved is that she kept me on task, helping me get everything done in an organized fashion. I asked her for some suggestions of who would best capture my vision through film photography and Jessica Lorren’s name immediately popped up. I fell in love with her photography from the moment I first looked at her website. She has an amazing eye she has for capturing a couple’s special day! We barely even knew she was there as she was documenting our entire reception. Jessica and Jess helped me create the most beautiful wedding I could have ever imagined and I was beyond thrilled with how the photos turned out!

Karrah Tines, current client
As a creative myself, finding artists I could collaborate with while planning and designing my wedding was my top priority. Both Jessica Sloane and Jessica Lorren have an editorial eye and instinct that has allowed me to relax and enjoy being a bride because I trust them, both personally and aesthetically. When working together, their combined creativity allows for even greater inspired ideas to unfold. We are just beginning our journey together and, already, I could not be more thrilled with my beautiful team.